Tabling at Gettysburg College

The Gettysburg College YAL chapter had a great first semester spring of 2014! It wasn’t easy establishing a presence on campus, but with the help of our regional director, Brandon Cestrone, as well as several other organizations on campus, we managed to get involved and raise some awareness of liberty on campus!

Student Activities Fair

One of the most critical aspects of gaining exposure on any campus is through tabling, so Gburg YAL made sure to secure some resources and grab a good spot at every expo event on campus.

We made sure to follow all the tips and guidelines for successful tabling provided in our chapter resources when we setup our table at the spring Student Activities Fair. Having a guy and girl stand in front of the table helped us engage as many students as possible, and we ended up with over 20 sign-ups for our e-mail list!

Spring Recruitment Kit

At Get Acquainted Day, we had the pleasure of greeting hundreds of accepted students and their families, wrapping the strong principles of liberty in a warm Gburg welcome! Some of the parents were quick to offer their critiques of our platform, but our members certainly held their own and maybe even changed a few minds. We can’t even tell you how excited we were by the level of interest in the pro-liberty movement found in the incoming class of 2018, and we look forward to having them as a part of our chapter in the coming semester.

Our overall takeaway from tabling was a lesson in communication and appeal when talking to strangers, many of whom may have preconceived notions of what a libertarian is. Our best advice to other chapters would be to make the platform work! YAL has the benefit of offering diverse views which can be associated with both political parties and, in many cases, more closely match the ideology of the person you’re speaking to than either Democrats or Republicans ever could. The trick is to figure out where a person’s interests lie (equal marriage, legalization of drugs, gun rights) and bring what YAL has to offer regarding it to their attention. We’ve learned that YAL can appeal to many different people, but it’s all a matter of communicating the right message to each one.

Get Acquainted Day

In addition to tabling, our chapter found many other opportunities to get involved and have fun across campus, so look out for more of our blog posts updating you on our whirlwind of a first semester! 

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