Tabling at The Ohio State University

On August 23rd 2016, the Students For Liberty and Young American’s for Liberty chapters at The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio, participated in a tabling event at our annual Student Involvement fair to kickoff the new year.

As a new SFL group and a relatively stagnant YAL chapter, it was important to branch out to the coming freshmen this year. This is especially true since other students were unaware of our presence on campus. We changed that.

The tabling event turned out to be a great success. We were able to get many signups from people interested in joining both clubs. We are the campus coalition for liberty.

One of the ways we were able to bring students over to our table was having a “Pot Brownies” sign displayed in front of the table. Naturally, students curiously walked over to see what it was all about and with feelings of humor. However, some may have been disappointed when they realized it was simply a pot with cosmic brownies inside. As a result, it set us up to inform them about our clubs and what we had to offer students to interested in libertarian ideas. This was a wonderful way to bridge to issues about criminal justice reform and government overreach. 

It was a successful day for liberty on campus!

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