Tabling at the University of Central Arkansas

Even with the snowy weather, on March 6 the members of the YAL chapter at the University of Central Arkansas got together to table. We set up our table in the middle of campus to catch as many people as we could.


During the tabling we had lots of information laid out for students to take. Alongside the information, we had a giant poster on our table with a few issues listed. The issues we listed were, “the right to privacy,” “the right to bear arms,” “the right to free speech,” “the right to make your own decisions,” “the right to choose your education,” “the right to assemble,” and “the right to buy the products you want.” One student wanted to write their own, putting “the right to life.”

We then asked students to put tallies next to the issues that were most important to them. The majority of students put a tally next to each one.


The point of this activity was to see what is most popular to the students at the University of Central Arkansas. With this information, we plan to have an event next week that focuses specifically on the most popular issue. When adding up the tallies, it seems that “the right to make your own decisions” won.

Overall, we had a very successful tabling event. There wasn’t much traffic on campus due to the previous snow day. However, we still received several sign-ups. We plan to table again on March 11. 

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