Tabling at University of California Irvine

Today, Tuesday the 13th of February 2018 the YAL state chair Tahmineh Dehbozorgi came to UCI to help me recruit members for our new chapter. I am the president of the new chapter and wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of interest from fellow students and number of signups. If I had guessed a number it would have probably been around 4 or 5 signups for the day but I would have been mistaken.

We decorated our table with a Don’t Tread on Me flag and I wore a liberty cape and a Milton Friedman t-shirt. Tahmineh was wearing a YAL t-shirt and had a taxation is theft button on which provoked some comments. Our table had pocket constitutions, what to say to police guides, YAL info pamphlets, YAL pens and other things.

The day started slowly with little cross traffic walking by our booth for the first half our but we did have one person who was interested stop by and talk to us, his name was Ryan Sanchez. Ryan actually ended up hanging around our booth for most of the day and helped us recruit other members for the club which is something I did not expect at all. By the time we put our booth away we had over 30 signups which soared past my most optimistic expectations! One of the coolest things is we did was meet several of the people Tahmineh had gotten previously via graph searching and they were by far some of the most enthusiastic booth visitors.

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