Tabling for Criminal Justic Reform at Carthage College

Our chapter recently held an Incarceration Nation!  event! We set up in our school’s library inside Einstein’s Bagels, a high-traffic area common for tabling. From there, we engaged with many different students on issues of criminal justice reform such as mandatory minimums and civil forfeiture laws. Numerous students were surprised by our knowledge of the system and the statistics we shared to bring light to the issues plaguing it.

Me at our table

We got about 20 new sign-ups, most of whom were pretty enthusiastic about activism on this serious issue. Even those who didn’t or couldn’t sign up agreed that criminal justice needs to be reformed and some people even thanked us for our efforts!

At our meeting later, we went into greater detail about what needs to be changed in our current system. Many people were already quite knowledgeable about the issues which was very promising. We are eager to launch into the next semester and continue to educate students on out campus about the ideas of liberty.

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