Tabling for Future Success

Last semester we had a tabling event that sowed the seeds for some success this semester. I was new to the liberty movement and nervous, I had no experience tabling. Luckily, Ty Hicks and our chapter president were there to help!

We set up and got going, after no more than a few hours, we had a long list of sign-ups. I saw how comfortable Ty was and this motivated me. I thought to myself, this isn’t bad after all, you just have to go out and do it! We had a successful tabling, getting signups and making some real connections. I found myself inspired to go out and just talk about liberty for the reasons that it is was important to me.

This semester we had seven students attend the SFL regional conference. I am confident that we will have even more at the YAL regional in March. Our chapter is growing with the help of important ground work from the previous semester.

Tabling is so important and it is not about the sign-up, its many other things. It’s the relationships you build after the sign-up. Its the new zeal you feel for liberty after your tabling, when you talk to others about liberty you will remember why it is important to you. It’s an amazing experience for new members, they will feel motivated and inspired when they get to help spread the word of freedom. Tabling pays dividends long after the sign-up.

I am proud to state that, even on a small campus, our chapter is growing. We are so excited to have a great showing at this years state conference. I would not have left my shell if it wasn’t for that day. A great tabling has truly paid of for our chapter in the long run. Get out there and table, bring your new, inexperienced members and tell people about liberty and why it is so important to you.

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