Tabling for [lower] Taxes: The Progressive Tax Game

Formerly in 2nd place, the USA is now ranked #18 among economically free nations.

This disturbing fact, among many others, prompted the University of Utah Young Americans for Liberty chapter to raise awareness of the repressive Progressive Tax system that has failed the American people.

Tabling for [lower] Taxes

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., YAL members (including Claire Sorenson and Michael Ukkested, pictured above) stopped passing students, asking them to participate in the “Progressive Tax Game” to be eligible to win a Jamba Juice gift card.

Those who stopped received money based on their GPAs, with more successful students receiving the least amount of money, thus simulating the progressive tax system. Once students were given their money (typically only $20), they got to choose where their “tax dollars” went from categories like infrastructure, healthcare, the department of education and (the protest bag) “Don’t Take My Cash!.”

By the end of the day, YAL at the U of U had educated nearly 100 passersby about the oppressive US tax system and also invited each participant to a round-table discussion on economic issues later in the week.

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