Tabling for the first time

Today at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, our YAL chapter tabled for the first time.  As soon as I set up the table, a guy came up to me and hugged me because previously he thought that he was the only libertarian on campus.  

For a long time I’ve known that there’s a lot of people on campus that believe in the libertarian ideas of natural rights and economic freedom.  I know this because while I was not attending last year I went to a lot of parties where countless people were excited about Ron Paul’s campaign.  Someone just had to start the initial network to get this people, and I’m honored to have taken up that task.  

Through tabling and other networking efforts we now have about 10 people who are very interested in the group, with likely another 4 or 5 who are somewhat interested.  This is just the beginning!

Tabling in the Hub- Caleb Ball & Jeremy Downey
I’m certain that as we table more and as we do other outreach activities that our numbers will continue to grow.  Perhaps we’ll infect others, who aren’t very interested in politics, with the ideas of natural rights and economic freedom! These are extremely important ideas to our future, and a politically conscious young population motivated by the ideas of classical liberalism could greatly improve the future of politics in America and of the daily lives of Americans   

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