Tabling @ USM

Today, October 10, from 10:30 a.m. to roughly 3 p.m., the YAL chapter at the University of Southern Mississippi teamed up with members of the Leadership Institute. We set up a table in the building where the University cafeteria is located, and caught the attention of students as they entered and left the cafeteria. 

YAL and LI teaming up

During the tabling we had a poster board setup with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. We had roughly 120 people take the political quiz. There were a handful who were surprised as to where they landed on the political chart. The majority of students were not very surprised at their results. The sample statistics of the quiz results show that this University is very centrist and libertarian-leaning. There were almost no extreme points on any of the different political positions. 

Student taking the political quiz

I am finding that the most productive way of getting students involved with YAL is by providing them hands on activities such as the quiz or by asking them thought provoking questions like, “What does liberty mean?”  We received about 100 sign-ups of people interested in learning more about YAL.

Eboni from the LI speaking with students

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