Tackling Incarceration Nation at Texas State

On April 20th, the YAL chapter at Texas State University decided to bring awareness to students on the over-criminalization in our justice system and the need for reform. Although in Bobcat land we were plagued with sporadic rain and thunderstorms and students were taking finals, the event turned out to be a success. 
Uncle Sam the Stoner

Many of these students wanted to hear more about the group. Any many are excited for our events next fall. We got two pages of sign-ups. We had 17 people signup that said they would come to our next meeting. As a result of our event, we heard of hundreds of Instachat and Snapgram stories from our recruitment efforts.
Given the popularity of ending the War on Drugs, the goal wasn’t to foster new support but rather to share new information. What was new to most of the members, however, is why grandma’s hip replacement doesn’t make her a heroin junkie. In hospitals across America, patients are administered diamorphine to ease the pain of surgery, yet it doesn’t result in millions of discharged patients obtaining the street brand.
While this wasn’t the largest meeting that this chapter had this year, the tabling did generate the largest amount of social media attention. Next semester, we’re going to have more events. We are excited to spread the message of liberty on our campus. 
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