Tackling Unconstitutional Speech Codes at CSULA

At CSULA, we have been going around collecting signatures for our petition to adopt the Chicago Principles at our school. Some days we bring the free speech ball and let the crowd come to us, and some days we just bring our clipboards and smiling faces and go to the people one on one. The first day of school, we did the latter. We brought our clipboards and talked to individuals. Not only did we get signatures for our petition, but we also talked to several interested students who wanted to talk more about free speech and about Young Americans for Liberty. Many people on all areas of the spectrum are able to have a positive conversation about free speech, because, whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, or whatever you are, most people can agree on the First Amendment. I am excited to abolish the speech codes we have at CSULA and to make the whole campus a FREE SPEECH ZONE!

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