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Tag: 16th Amendment
  • No American Should Pay an Income Tax

    There is no doubt that our government is spiraling out of control. With over $15 trillion in debt, Obamacare, and multi-billion dollar bailouts, we are in over our heads. However, the problem itself does not stem from a lack of taxation or a need for more bipartisan politics. Bipartisanship is a major source of the …

  • The Trouble with the Constitution

    I had been meaning to start this conversation for awhile and Matt Cockerill’s post “Constitutionalism Can Mean Statism” spurred me on.  The liberty movement sometimes finds itself saying “Restore the Republic” by “Respect[ing] the Constitution.”  Fair enough, but restore which elements of the Republic and respect which parts of the Constitution?  1787? 1789? 1870? 1913? Those of us who …