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Tag: 3rd Parties
  • Nightly Roundup 11/11/09

    Harry Reid is working hard to muscle ObamaCare through the Senate. The AP reports on Rand Paul’s early promise in the KY senate race.  However, a weakening dollar and rising oil prices point to additional current inflation-related problems. Walter Block is fighting diverso-fascism, and in style. Good for Michele Bachmann for “moving around” the spineless GOP leadership in …

  • 10/28/09 Nightly Roundup

    Is the bear market rally in stocks finally coming to its inevitable end? Neocon Sarah Palin’s surprising endorsement of a third party candidate is an encouraging sign. But while Palin postures — perhaps more authentically than most Repukes —  as pro-life, the establishment state she supports treats human life as a disposable means to an end. …