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  • UCSD Hosts a Police Quiz Show: Cop Out!

    YAL @ UCSD began our midyear recruitment effort by hitting Library Walk with a game show. There were booths, prizes, hosts, and… cops? That’s right! We asked students on library Walk to test their knowledge on the police and their rights. Standing in booths with “metal” bars, we asked questions ranging from when a police …

  • It’s Not Too Late to Organize a Fourth of July Activism Event!

    For the past two years, my friends and I have performed a fun activism event on the Fourth of July. We have invaded the Fourth of July parade of Ocean Grove, New Jersey, and reminded the good citizens exactly why they were having such a nice party.  As we walked in the parade, we handed …

  • Expanding YAL’s Influence beyond the College Campus

    In order to change the present system we must be able to analyze and explore it, and to see in the concrete how our libertarian view can be applied to such an analysis and to the prospects for social change. —Murray Rothbard If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is …

  • Laughs for Freedom: College Comedy Tour

    The 2012 Laughs for Freedom College Tour is almost here! Presented by The Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs, Laughs for Freedom is a college tour that can bring pro-liberty stand-up comedy to your campus for free this Fall! The goal is to awaken students to the ideas of liberty, have them laughing their bums off at …

  • National End Crony Capitalism Day Feb. 14th

    Kelly Jemison has a post over at Students for Liberty promoting national crony capitalism day, a great event to do on campus before wrapping up our Spring recruitment drive contest, which ends Feb. 17th–your chapter can win cash prizes and we will provide you with free resources and activism kits! Crony capitalism day, is set for February …

  • Tax Day Events: Auburn

    Auburn University held a table at the East Alabama Patriots Tax Day event this past Thursday. Notice on the right side of the picture below the large death and taxes sign. It makes for a great visual at any YAL event! Check out the massive national debt display Auburn is holding on their campus tomorrow!

  • Cool YAL Chapter poster

    Need a poster for your club? Modify this one for your chapter.  Contact me by clicking on my name above this post if you need a larger image to edit.

  • “Are We Rebuilding the Wall” Event Photos

    From Adrienne Royer at CampusReform.org: Campus Reform has the first pictures from the “Are We Rebuilding the Wall” event going on now at campuses throughout the country. Check back for updated photos. We’ve also posted photos on our Facebook page. George Mason University in Virginia UNC-Wilmington University of Southern Forida University of Southern Florida