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Tag: Alabama
  • Campus Carry at The University of Alabama

    Thursday was a proud day, our chapter had its open holster day in support of campus carry. It is essential to support the rights of students to defend themselves, and current efforts to restrict the second amendment will do nothing to protect our campuses. By displaying an open holster while attending class our members made …

  • YALoween at the University of Alabama

    For this year’s Halloween, students at the University of Alabama got something a lot spookier than trick-or-treaters. Young Americans for Liberty set up a graveyard in the middle of the school Quad to showcase the civil liberties and economic freedoms we feel to be dead or dying. The event was completely unregistered with the school …

  • Initiative and Referendum Meeting ft. Frank Dillman

    The Auburn YAL chapter was delighted to have Mr. Frank Dillman speak at one of its recent meetings on the topic of Initiative and Referendum and the efforts he is making to bring about change by lobbying to have them allowed in the state of Alabama. Ballot initiatives and referendums are measures by which voters …

  • Sweet Home Alabama

    Alabama has a lot going for it in the way of political ads.  Candidate for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner Dale Peterson set the interwebs ablaze with his no-holds-barred style video a few weeks ago. Now comes this ad by Rick Barber, candidate for Congress. At least it’s entertaining:

  • Tax Day: Arizona State, St. Cloud State, and Alabama

    Here some photo highlights of different tea parties and events YAL either hosted or were apart of. Arizona State at their local tea party event: St. Cloud State holding a tax day event on their campus: Alabama @ Huntsville’s Chapter president James Lomax donating left over constitutions to the Huntsville Tea Party organization:  

  • You’re in Alabama Now

    It was a pretty horrible Valentines weekend for nine pro-life activists in Birmingham, Alabama. Four men and five women from the “Survivors” team were arrested or “detained” for trespassing on public sidewalks because they were not public property to “non-Birmingham citizens.” When a protester informed the officer that the Constitution protected their freedoms, the arresting …