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Tag: Americans for Prosperity
  • American University does GOTV with AFP!

    On September 21, American University’s YAL chapter made a bold step to work along with Americans for Prosperity (AFP) in a get-out-to-vote campaign in order to see the push for liberty in practice. Gathered in a large room so that everyone can spread around, our chapter was able to bring 14 members together with the …

  • AFP Video on CA’s Public Pensions

    You think you have it bad in __________ state? Take a look at what we have to deal with in California! Hat tip to Halfway to Concord.

  • Gore ‘Motivates’ Graduates

    Here’s a clip from Americans for Prosperity highlighting the rather unmotivational parts of a recent graduation commencement speech delivered by Al Gore:

  • The Heritage Foundation’s New Song

    The neoconservatives finally see the light. Pro-war, Pro-Homeland Security, Pro-Israel think tank The Heritage Foundation has partnered with the slightly more sensible Americans for Prosperity to bring the world stopspendingourfuture.org, which takes a stand for fiscal conservatism featuring this video: Unfortunately they don’t quite have the causes of our current quandry absolutely right, casting blame …