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  • ‘When there is power to be had, the unethical will seize it.’

    Angela Keaton, who is director of operations at Antiwar.com, recently gave a great interview in which she said, among other things, this: Daily Bell: What is your sense of the world today? Who is primarily behind most major wars today? Is it NATO and the West? What is going in the Middle East? Please give us your reactions …

  • Antiwar Radio and YAL

    Yesterday, March 12th, Jeff Frazee and I were guests on Antiwar radio. We focused on the current state of the youth antiwar movement, more specifically YAL’s leadership. I was also asked about the upcoming moneybomb on March 16th (Please donate! We’re some of the only youngsters actually concerned about ending the senseless wars.) To hear …

  • Think, American Youth

    (H/T Angela Keaton)

  • Angela Keaton on Freedom Watch

    She does a great job articulating the peace argument. We need more people with Keaton’s spirit and  non-negotiable commitment to truthtelling in this world. I agree with Anthony Gregory’s applauding of Keaton for her use of the “M” word in relation to US foreign policy. That’s simply what these aptly named “predator” drones do, and we need to …