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Tag: Ann Coulter
  • Liberal Hypocrisy on Free Speech?

    Glenn Greenwald reports that Ann Coulter was threatened to be prosecuted by the Canadian for “hate speech” prior to her cancelling a lecture at the University of Ottawa. As disgusting as this is, even more disconcerting is the fact that — if Greenwald’s comments section and my personal experience are any indication — some liberals are applauding this. Just …

  • The Southern Avenger: Ron Paul’s Conservative Foreign Policy

  • Reflections on the Revolution at CPAC 2010

    I have been to two CPACs, in 2008 and 2010.  In 2008, the Ron Paul supporters were a few isolated crazy people and Paul came in fourth in the presidential straw poll, with 12% of the vote. In 2010 — well, you already know. The shift in power toward Ron Paul and the Campaign for …

  • Obama’s Civil Liberties Policy Criticized by…Ann Coulter?

    This is shocking. The left wing is shocked by Ann Coulter’s comment about Bill Clinton at the end of the video, and I’m shocked that Obama has destroyed civil liberties so much that Ann Coulter is complaining. This is the lady that argued that we need a bigger Gitmo. Sadly, I agree with Ann Coulter …