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Tag: Anti-state
  • Pro-state “Peaceniks”: The betrayal of the formerly anti-war left

    In addition to the paramount cause of peace, the anti-state, counterculture movement of the 1960s placed a high emphasize on liberty. The movement was successful in removing legal sanctions depriving gays, blacks, women, and other historically oppressed groups of their natural rights. Yet the New Left also promoted moral relativism, bizarre “religious” practices, and dehumanizing cultural hedonism. Today, the establishment left promotes the sexual revolution, plant-worship, and socialism  full-throttle while …

  • Reading between the lines in Scott Brown’s MA Win.

    I don’t expect “MA <3’s GOP” t-shirts are going to be flying off the Boston shelves anytime soon. But the GOP should be excited about their electoral prospects for 2010, given the improbable victory of Republican Scott Brown who will be taking over Ted Kennedy’s senate seat.  (This is not an endorsement of Brown or any …

  • Anti-State and Anti-War

    It’s obvious that there are some folks who think the anti-war stuff is just “for kicks,” or that anti-war bloggers are just being “contrarian for the sake of it.” But for me, it just comes down to a consistent interpretation of classical liberalism, individualism, and natural rights. Individuals are infinitely valuable; our lives mean something and nobody can tell us …

  • Withdrawing Consent from the Warfare State

     Phils Ochs isn’t marching anymore.  Are you?