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Tag: Antiwar Left
  • A Plea to the Current ‘Peace’ Movement

    It seems to me that members of the statist left can’t stick to one topic when arguing for their positions. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the “anti-war” movement. Justin Raimondo explains this perfectly in his article “Why is the Antiwar Movement Stalled?“ I only bring this up because of an email I received …

  • Antiwar Right + Antiwar Left = So Excellent.

    From the Daily Kos: Citing Dr. Ron Paul’s clear and unambiguous “non-interventionist” platform which condemns US troop presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, anti-war speakers at a rally headlined “No You Can’t” called for an alliance between anti-war left and anti-war right on war and peace issues.   Organized by the newly-formed anti-war coalition End US …