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  • The Palestine Wall: Graffiti as a Peaceful Act of Resistance

    Graffiti’s not my favorite thing ever — it far too often results in the destruction of private property.  Much of the older parts of European cities, for instance, are significantly marred by the heavy graffiti which covers their historic buildings.  Venice, in my opinion, is particularly damaged.  However, there are times when graffiti is a …

  • UCI YAL chapter on fall of the Berlin Wall

    President of Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of California- Irvine, Anthony Burke, posted his speech he gave at UCI on November 9th to commemorate the fall of the Berlin wall. Anthony eloquently discussed the connection between the politics of liberty and the upholding of human rights: it should be clear that the ideas of any collectivist …

  • YAL receives attention for Berlin wall event

    YAL chapters across the country gained tons of media attention for the November 9th event. Check it out: St. Cloud State University Indiana University Kokomo Case Western Reserve University Wichita State University Washington University Rutgers University Clemson University

  • Case Western Reserve University’s Berlin wall

    Case Western Reserve University put together this great footage of their mock Berlin Wall on November 9th:

  • Cuny Hunter College on November 9th

    Cuny Hunter College on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall:

  • Young Americans for Liberty in the News

    University of Idaho’s newspaper, The Argonaut, covers the YAL chapter‘s president, Kyle Gray, as he talks about the Berlin wall event on November 9th. The Daily Targum at Rutgers University gives Young Americans for Liberty at Rutgers credit for recognizing the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. Examiner.com cites Ron Paul’s visit …

  • More from St. Cloud State YAL chapter

    St. Cloud State YAL chapter commemorates the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  • Commemorating the fall of the wall at Rutgers

    This past Monday, the Rutgers Young Americans for Liberty commemorated the fall of the Berlin Wall by erecting their own symbolic wall on campus. Rutgers YAL member Aaron Williams and myself spent our Sunday constructing a 10 foot high wall which we put up on College Ave. early the next morning in a high traffic …

  • IUK “Are We Rebuilding The Wall?” Footage

    For many at Indiana University-Kokomo, this was the first time the word “Communism” was brought to the forefront of their attention.  Some didn’t know what Communism is or was, some didn’t care, but many were happy that we were demonstrating and took the time to take over 100 YAR magazines and 400 fliers off our …

  • Clemson University YAL chapter rebuilds the WALL

    Clemson University YAL chapter rebuilt their own mock Berlin wall on Monday, November 9th. They asked passersby to come and write on the wall themselves, citing government abuses over American lives. View more pictures below the jump.