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Tag: Census 2010
  • More on the Census: Response Rates in 2000

    LewRockwell.com today links to this article from the Chicago Tribune on census resisters.  Most of it was a rehash of the obvious and/or information I’d already read, except for this line: The resistance is not new. In 2000, only 67 percent of households responded to the census. 67%?  No wonder prosecution is so rare — …

  • Census 2010: Talk loudly, and carry a small stick.

    Q.  Am I really required to fill out the full census form?  Kris from Frederick, MD. A.  This is the first year I’ve received my very own census form to complete, and it’s not exactly a milestone I’m thrilled to reach.  The 2010 census asks a lot of questions — census questions which aren’t exactly …