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Tag: Cindy Sheehan
  • Getting in bed with Mel Watt & the Fed

    When we get in bed… with Mel Watt & the Fed… We have to expect… the disease they spread… HONK TO AUDIT THE FED! This little tactic, among a wealth of others courtesy of the Leadership Institute, is known as Operation Burmashave. Gotta love student innovation! The above photo is from the Charlotte “End the …

  • Anti-war protests planned for this Fall

    Good for those members of Code Pink who refuse to back down from their principles, and are readying anti-war protests for this Fall. I especially admire Cindy Sheehan, whom some “peacenik” leftists have labeled an “attention whore” for refusing to only oppose wars executed by “untrendy” presidents. She certainly lives by Mises’ motto, and despite our differences, her courage is …

  • Sheehan to protest vacationing Obama

    I admire her consistency and tenacity in going after Obama’s pro-war agenda, even though most of her supporters seem to have jumped ship.  Go Cindy!