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Tag: Comedy
  • Stereotyped 101: Karith Comes to MC

    On Tuesday, September 13 Comedian Karith Foster came to give the students a laugh and, more importantly, her insight. She was greeted by applause from 45 total attendees. While making the students of Manhattan College laugh, Karith shed light on stereotyping and it positive aspects. She reassured all that stereotyping is one of the traits …

  • Eric Holder in the Fast and Furious movie?

    A good friend of mine made this video. It already made it on the Blaze — shows just how out of touch the American people are to reality!

  • Sh*t happens: The economics version

    Stand-up economist Yoram Bauman doesn’t usually swear, but it’s unavoidable in this routine (“Sh*t happens: the economics version”). Here is a taste: “Keynesian macro:  Sh*t happens because of animal spirits. … Supply side economics: Cut taxes and get more  sh*t!”  The world could use more thought provoking comedians like Bauman, Bill Hicks, and George Carlin (RIP). That’s …

  • George Carlin on Politicians and Words

    This video of Carlin is great — plus, it is related to the current issue of violent rhetoric and also gives me the chance to remind everyone that libertarian stand-up comic, Doug Stanhope, will be going on tour starting right after CPAC.

  • The Juice Media Takes on the Iraq War Logs

    The Juice Media has taken on “The Iraq War Logs,” recently released by Wikileaks and, like most great pieces of content I consume, I saw it first on www.maxkeiser.com. These Aussies have got some serious talent — the rhymes are great and the message is on-point. It seems to me that we’re seeing more and …

  • Ron Paul gets auto-tuned

    From the makers of the “Bed Intruder” song comes this piece of news parody: Ron Paul shows up around 2:05.

  • Peter Griffin on Foreign Policy

  • Tax Freedom Day was a good month ago, but nonetheless…

    Here’s Remy (an awesome comedian local to Arlington, VA, where the YAL headquarters are) on Tax Freedom Day:

  • Bill Hicks Told the Truth on Foreign Policy

    Bill Hicks was one of the best comedians of all time. He unfortnately died in 1992, but his work inspired such comedians as Dennis Leary and Doug Stanhope. This piece contains his thoughts about the first Iraq war back in 1991, but sadly the commentary still holds true today!  As far as the Bush Administrations …

  • Clint Webb: A brutally honest politician.

    I think this guy’s running in my state.  Probably your state, too.