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  • Looking Back on CPAC 2010

  • Tom Woods on Nullification at CPAC 2010

    Hat tip to Matt Holdridge of Campaign for Liberty.

  • The GOP in 2012: Save the best for another year.

    Q.  My question is two-fold (er- sort of two-and-a-half fold): I understand that it’s a little early, but 1. Who do you think the GOP will nominate in 2012, and 2. who do you think the GOP *should* nominate in 2012 (and 2b. what do you think of Republican Governor Gary Johnson)?  — Wes from …

  • YAL’s Jeff Frazee Makes It on TV

    YAL’s executive director Jeff Frazee has made it on TV thanks to CPAC 2010.  First, the Ryan Sorba/GOProud incident is discussed on Olbermann.  Then, for just a split second, he notes on the Daily Show that “tyranny” is among our enemies.  Congratulations on your 15 seconds of fame, Jeff.

  • Two New Videos from the Southern Avenger

    Worth watching, as always.  The first is on “Ron Paul People,” and the second on the false conservatism of Scott Brown.

  • Let’s Look at Huckabee’s Claim

    On Geraldo, former Governor Mike Huckabee had this to say about CPAC this year: Lets take a look at his claim of “CPAC Becoming too libertarian…” by looking at some of the speakers at CPAC this year in the main ballroom — since that was the image of CPAC sent to millions over CSPAN. The …

  • CPAC 2010: CampusReform.org speaks with two members of Young Americans for Liberty

    Here’s an excerpt of Sam’s latest update on his chapter’s plans to bring Tom Woods to campus: This is something that MUST be seen through to the end. A powerful act of liberty on one campus is something that can domino to college campuses all across the country; a polar-opposite of the communism domino effect, …

  • Ron Paul on CNBC Squawk Box Feb. 22 2010

    Ron Paul this morning on CNBC talking about his official CPAC Straw Poll victory, market interest rates, the Depression of 1920, how trading with countries can disarm hostilities with them, and how we start wars in order to prevent war: Find part 2 here. And here’s another interesting fact:  the number of 18-25 year olds voting …

  • NRO and Bill Bennet Slam Beck for Criticizing the GOP

    Neocons are fuming  at the fact that even Glenn Beck admits that Republican party has a problem and may not be that much better then the Democrats. So how do they treat their ex-hero, who claims to be more libertarian each day? Bennet writes: Glenn is among the best talkers in the business of broadcast. …

  • YAL’s Hip

    “It’s not video games that gets them fired, but Constitutional conservatism.”