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  • YAL Staff Interviewed by C4L at CPAC

    Here are yours truly and YAL Social Networking Intern Andrew Sharp speaking with C4L’s Kevin Brett at CPAC 2011.

  • Update: Minnesota

    Here’s an update from Minnesota on how we’re doing and where we’re going. First and foremost, because it’s quite the trek from Minnesota, I want to thank the three other individuals from St. Cloud State and the one student from Winona State for joining YAL at CPAC this year. Jake, a member at St. Cloud, and I …

  • YAL and Ron Paul in California Editorial

    My mother, who writes for the Dixon Patch, ran this editorial which has been placed on several Patches in the surrounding area. Here’s part of it: … a story in Time Magazine says why the revolutions across the world are different this time: “The combination of youth and technology is driving a wave of change.” The story …

  • YAL Member Interviewed by ACU

    During CPAC, following Donald Trump and Rand Paul’s speeches, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the American Conservative Union, which puts on CPAC each year. I made it very clear what I think of Trump, and plugged Tom Woods while I was at it.

  • Jack Hunter on the Battle for Young Americans

    Jack Hunter, AKA the Southern Avenger, has a new video about Young Americans for Freedom purging Ron Paul from its advisory board — mostly due to his non-interventionist foreign policy views — after he again won the CPAC presidential straw poll this year. Jack notes the long tradition of (real) conservatives that are opposed to …

  • Jon Stewart’s Take on CPAC

  • CPAC 2011: A Victory for Liberty

    We did it! AGAIN! This past weekend at CPAC 2011, the largest annual conservative conference in the country, Young Americans for Liberty mobilized more than 700 students to join us in Washington, DC and send a loud and clear message to the political establishment: Your time is up. Restore the Constitution! With the largest vote …

  • Fox News Deception

    It seems like Fox just won’t give Ron a break. Watch here as they roll the footage from the 2010 CPAC announcment of his victory, claiming it was the 2011. This shoddy attempt to minimize the popular reaction of the CPAC attendees is “journalism” at its worst. Shame on them.

  • The Power of a Question

    With all the talk of how to best convert those on the right to libertarianism, let me provide this clip of a question I was able to ask at CPAC this year: If you notice, his answer was what damned him, not the heckling of the crowd.The overall answer was , “I was wrong for …

  • Students at CPAC Thank YAL Donors

    In case you were unaware, CPAC was last week and it was rather eventful. Young Americans for Liberty had a strong presence, but none of our success would have been possible without the help of some amazing donors. Student activists from around the country wanted to take a moment to thank these donors for all …