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Tag: Creepy
  • Dora the Explorer: A shill for the nation-state?

    Not quite. After all, she’s too young to be held responsible for her actions. However, this pro-census, pro-state ad featuring Dora is very creepy: (H/T Lew Rockwell blog)

  • Beltway Group Smears Tom Woods

    Why does the establishmentarian group Think Progress feel the need to denounce libertarian Tom Woods as a “neoconfederate” and particularly “extreme” CPAC attendee? Because unlike the easy-ignorable actual hatemongers at the conference,  they feel threatened by Tom’s  message. They indeed should. More and more Americans are coming to realize that more aptly named “predator” drones, bigger military budgets, and war escalations does not constitute change. It …

  • Grin it and and “bare it” for the state?

    The TSA is expanding its “bold new approach” to airport security, using “stimulus” funds to order up 150 more “whole body imaging systems” for purposes of “national security.” If you can stomach this sort of monstrosity, take a quick glance at the picture of this screened man prominently displayed on the TSA’s own website. These naked …