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Tag: Currency
  • Bitcoin entering the mainstream

    Bitcoin, the most widely used alternative currency around the world, is entering a new chapter in its development, one that is sure to propel it into mainstream US business and society. The first of a series of events that have highlighted this transition occurred earlier this week when Mt. Gox, the world’s largest Bitcoin currency …

  • Paying it Forward

    Paying it forward:  It’s the simple idea that doing good shouldn’t be forced upon you, but welcome.   Charity is deep within the American spirit; I believe it’s based in America’s unique ability to create community through faith and civil society, not the heavy hand of government.  Watching this video gives me hope that other …

  • Currency Manipulation

    Does anyone else find this headline absolutely ridiculous? U.S.: No Country Manipulates Currency, Yuan `Undervalued’ To the contary, any country with a central bank manipulates its currency. To my knowledge, that is just about every country in the world.

  • Ron Paul Comments on Greece Riots

    This is not just a dollar crisis. ” We are seeing a currency crisis.”  — Ron Paul