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  • YAL Cypress College 2013 in Review

    It really has been an intense and outstanding year for our new but active chapter! It seems surreal that this chapter started with fewer than five people and is now growing at a steady pace, with a good reputation unparalleled by any other student organization on campus! For the first semester (Spring 2013) we: Attended …

  • Cypress College Free Speech Wall

    Cypress College YAL is at it again!  Check out our latest campus event video on YouTube:   (Using a mobile device?  Use this link instead.) Join the next event here. Like the Facebook page here. Join the chapter’s conversations here. Donate Bitcoin here (funds go only to Cypress College campus events).

  • Students of fortune: The story of the Cypress College Chapter

    Many of us recall as if it was yesterday the reelection of President Barack Obama and the sense of activism urgency which came with it for those of us who support liberty. Personally, I was busy preparing to return to college in the spring 2013 semester, and I realized I needed to start a pro-liberty student …