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  • America on Trial: Socrates, Obama, and Why They Are Opposites

    *Disclaimer: If you’ve not read any of Plato’s works, this rebuttal may not make much of any sense. For further reference, see Plato’s Apology, Republic, and my personal favorite, Phaedo. I have to ask Brandon Griefe who recently wrote an opinion piece entitled Obama: A pupil of Socrates a sincere question: Are you serious?! You cannot …

  • YAL on The Daily Caller!

    Notice I don’t just say me on the Daily Caller, as it was Jeff Frazee and Bonnie Kristian who saw the potential in responding to a neoconservative view on foreign policy, and Bonnie who gave me some editing suggestions while I wrote the article.   The point is that my most recent article has been …