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  • Bumper’s Response to an Angry Liberal, and what that Angry Liberal’s Attack Can Teach Us about Many Modern Progressives

    Recently, Jacob Hornberger was attacked by DailyKos blogger John Sumner, and responded masterfully.  Mr. Hornberger notes that while liberals may differ from conservatives at the grassroots level, their leaders have always and continue to endorse welfare, statism, and killing hundreds thousands of innocent people. Indeed, he concludes, it is only the radical libertarians that oppose such evil, while the …

  • Fox News Being…Fox News

    Here is a great mash up clip from Daily Kos demonstrating how Fox News will go to any length to dismiss anything Ron Paul accomplishes as meaningful. Hey at least they are consistent, right?

  • Antiwar Right + Antiwar Left = So Excellent.

    From the Daily Kos: Citing Dr. Ron Paul’s clear and unambiguous “non-interventionist” platform which condemns US troop presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, anti-war speakers at a rally headlined “No You Can’t” called for an alliance between anti-war left and anti-war right on war and peace issues.   Organized by the newly-formed anti-war coalition End US …