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  • How the EU Is Underming Representative Government

    Daniel Hannan, every liberty-lover’s favorite British politician, recently took the European Commission to task for putting unelected bureaucrats in positions of high power. This comes in response to the appointment of Catherine Ashton, who has never been elected to any position, to the post of First-Vice-President of the European Comission. We would do well to …

  • British MEP Daniel Hannan on Universal Health Care

    Hat tip to the Libertarians at BU Law blog.

  • British MEP Daniel Hannan speaks with YAL

    Here’s a brief interview I conducted with Daniel Hannan at the C4L conference this past weekend.  Please excuse my completely inarticulate questions; I didn’t have much time to seriously prepare and was rather nervous.  Mr. Hannan, however, was extremely gracious and excellent as always.

  • How much more clearly do we have to speak?

    British MEP Daniel Hannan has once again given a rousing speech calling for the resignation of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, whose Labor Party suffered in the recent UK elections, as Hannan notes in a recent blog post.  Hannan become well-known in the states after his “devalued government” speech became instantaneously famous online, and he …

  • Freedom Watch with The Judge, April 29th

    Ron Paul, Daniel Hannan, Lew Rockwell, Cody Willard, Peter Schiff, RJ Harris, Jason Sorens and Shelly Roche all make an appearance on today’s episode of Freedom Watch, which was again given national airtime on Fox News channel’s The Live Desk. Fascinating discussion of the Free State Project from Jason Sorens and an update from RJ …

  • Nonsense Economics

    Daniel Hannan, a self-described “backbench” Member of the European Parliament representing Southeast England has overnight been catapulted into the public eye through the magic of the Internet. His short speech, in response to a load of self-aggrandizing drivel from the disgusting Gordon Brown, has today become the most watched video on the British YouTube, and …