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Tag: Daniel McCarthy
  • Re: Hey An-Caps

    As relayed by Bonnie in her compelling “debate” post, Dan McCarthy has offered some tough criticisms of anarcho-capitalism. Anarcho-capitalists typically oppose the state because they believe it is an unjustified monopoly of aggressive violence and an illegitimate concentration of power. However, Dan asks: [W]hat good will it do to abolish the state if one proceeds to …

  • Lessons for an Anti-Establishment Movement

    Daniel McCarthy at The American Conservative‘s blog has an interesting post on the pro-life movement 37 years after Roe v. Wade. Despite some obvious discrepancies between mainstream pro-lifers and libertarians, I have never believed that the two must be as antagonistic as many “economically conservative, socially liberal” Libertarian Party members would indicate. And the problems …

  • Russia Today covers ‘Capitalism’ premiere

    Earlier this week several members of YAL attended the D.C. premiere of Capitalism: A Love Story.  Our Editorial Director even managed an interview at the premiere after-party.  Take a look: In case you missed it, Daniel McCarthy offered a little insight to how he was able to take advantage of the after-party buffet.