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Tag: David Horowitz
  • Horowitz Fan Refuses to Debate Wes Messamore

    As many of you know, I recently penned a piece to correct the eight egregious errors of an inaccurate hit piece on Ron Paul which went so far as to refer to the gentle, even grandfatherly Congressman from Texas as “an abomination who should be cast out of decent society.” The author of that piece …

  • The Top 8 Reasons Horowitz Groupies Need to Get a Freaking Clue

    Calvin Freiburger, a columnist over at David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog, recently published a piece organizing several specious and empty charges against Ron Paul into a list of “The Top 8 Reasons Ron Paul Is an Abomination Who Should A Be Cast Out of Decent Society.” (Quick note to Calvin:  Dude — publishing lists on multiple pages …

  • Helen Thomas Asks Obama When He Will Get Out of Afghanistan

    His answer sounds a lot like never to me. Also note the ridiculous title and description of this video by David Horowitz’s Anti-Freedom Center.

  • David Horowitz Defends Obama and the CRA

    David Horowitz, the ex-Communist turned neoconservative, has decided to take on “the thankless task of keeping conservatives from behaving like liberals, acting like unpatriotic sore losers and attacking the legitimacy of the new commander-in-chief.” First, he decides to offer conclusive evidence that the Community Reinvestment Act was not responsible for the current financial crisis. And what evidence is this? …