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Tag: Death Tax
  • Tax Incentives

    So it’s an extreme example, but taxes do create adverse incentives.

  • Time to Permanently Kill the Death Tax

    Currently, the motion to permanently repeal the death tax is gaining momentum in the halls of Congress. In fact, Rep. Neugebauer (R-TX) has introduced H.R. 4746, which would prevent a series of pending tax increases while allowing the death tax to finally expire. Unfortunately, the death tax — which temporarily expired in 2010 — is …

  • Lack of Estate Tax in 2010: Now Death Is Cheaper?

    This is a super disturbing story about the return of the death tax, which is nonexistent in 2010: For example, a wealthy person who dies on January 1, 2011, and left her heirs $10 million would really be leaving them $5.05 million because of taxes. If they died a day earlier (assuming no changes were …