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Tag: Devil’s Advocate
  • Consider the Following: The Case for Not Withdrawing Forces in Foreign Intervention

    Note: This blog post argues under the lens of a Devil’s Advocate and does not reflect the views of the writer, Richard Pham, or YAL as an organization. Counter-arguments, critiques, questions, or comments are highly encouraged. A Personal Story Hundreds of protesters shouted at the video-store owner as he walked toward his store in embarrassment, …

  • New Blog Series: “Consider the Following…”

    It was a cold, yet snowless, winter night in California (yes, be jealous), as the stars drew at a slow moving pace around the clear mountain skies as I lied on my bed at the inter-YAL chapter Winter Retreat I helped organize. Here, I had a light bulb moment to start a new blog series called, “Consider the …