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  • YAL@DHS Forum Pics

    YAL@DHS held a forum luncheon on Nov. 19th as part of our national activism event for the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Former California liberty-candidate Gary Clift and Independent Institute Research Analyst Anthony Gregory answered questions during a luncheon at Dixon’s Senior Multi-Use Center.

  • The FBI is stalking you…even though the DHS told them not to.

    Newly declassified information has revealed some concerning activity on the part of the FBI: A fast-growing FBI data-mining system billed as a tool for hunting terrorists is being used in hacker and domestic criminal investigations, and now contains tens of thousands of records from private corporate databases, including car-rental companies, large hotel chains and at …

  • Lessons from The Ridge Affair

    Most Americans believe that while politicians may be corrupt creeps,  the “national defense” establishment possesses some sort of magical Midas Touch. Despite the fact that the entire DHS/DOD apparatus is  completely beholden to the whim of those supposedly rotten politicos,  Americans see military bureaucrats as selfless and heroic. Never to be criticized, we indeed ought …