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Tag: Discrimination
  • Sure, you can buy a cigar in Boston…if you’re rich enough.

    The city of Boston has quietly banned all cigars which cost less than $2.50.   Translation:  Blunts, no.  Fancy Habanos, yes. Second translation:  Poor people smoking, no.  Rich people smoking, yes: The ban is effective February 1, 2012. But for those upper class cigar aficionados, the elite few who are still allowed to smoke indoors at …

  • The U.S. Government’s Love Affair with Discrimination

    Note: The inspiration for this article originated in Chapter 1 of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s “Lies The Government Told You,” which I would be remiss not to mention. However, the Judge mostly focuses on the history of discrimination against African-Americans and former slaves, and the resulting affirmative action laws that exist today. I felt that a …