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  • Karith Foster brings “Stereotyped 101” to Kent State

    Kent State’s YAL chapter had the pleasure of hosting humorist Karith Foster last week for her “Stereotyped 101” lecture. As we all know, this week has been tense for the nation, and our campus was one of the many who held protests against the results of the 2016 Presidential election. After 18 months of a …

  • Gaddafi and Trump?

    We all remember Donald Trump’s slimy attack on Ron Paul at CPAC.  Interestingly, he also was going to play host to this scoundrel:

  • Ron Paul: Unelectable?

    I posted this note on Facebook, so I decided I should go ahead and post it here. It has come to my attention that certain individuals both in the media, politics, and the general public seem to have a preconceived notion of Dr. Paul’s ability to be elected. I’m hoping I can clarify a few …

  • ‘Ron Paul will survive Donald Trump at CPAC’

    Here’s a great post from Brent Budowsky at The Hill about the Donald Trump/Ron Paul incident yesterday here at CPAC: If Ron Paul runs for president I predict there will be three finalists for the Republican nomination. One will be either Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman leading the “credible as president” wing. The second will …