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Tag: Doug Wead
  • Thomas Jefferson Lives: He’s Ron Paul

    A short yet incredible interview of Presidential historian Doug Wead on Fox News, claiming Ron Paul as the modern Thomas Jefferson:

  • Doug Wead on Rand Paul

    Those of you who have been hanging around the libertarian reaches of the internets since the days of the Ron Paul campaign will probably recall Doug Wead, a presidential historian, NYT bestselling author, and…Ron Paul supporter.  He has written favorably of the congressman again and again, providing important perspective on the campaign and Ron Paul’s …

  • Ron Paul in 2012?

    Doug Wead, presidential historian and speaker at the Rally for the Republic has been discussing this scenario and how it might play out in his blog: 1.) Why he should run for president? 2.) But isn’t he too old? 3.) How Ron Paul Wins: The Iowa Straw Poll. 4.) Immediately hire an inexpensive political advisor. …