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Tag: Dylan Ratigan
  • Ratigan’s Epic Rant: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

    On a recent MSNBC show, host Dylan Ratigan lost his temper and went off on a verbal tirade against Wall Street bankers, the President, Congress (both parties), and their handling of the national debt, the budget, and the economy.   Ratigan often offers a unique perspective for an MSNBC host.  He rarely parrots the left-liberal …

  • MSNBC: “Fed is godfather to the greatest cover up in the history of this country”

    Yeah, you read that header right. Plain and simple, right during broadcasting hours, Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC states about the Fed: We are getting closer to fully exposing the greatest con and cover up in the history of this country. It involves our banks, the Federal Reserve, our Congress and, of course, you and me. …