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Tag: economic crisis
  • The 2000s: A Decade Of Self Delusion?

     Pat Buchanan thinks so. Indeed, almost everyone can agree that the first decade of the 21st Century has been unfortunate as ever. Two wars, a global economic crisis, and terrorism on the rise all probably add up to irreversible damage to America. Buchanan makes excellent points in his article covering many of the issues in …

  • Geithner Talks Economic Recovery

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was on ABC’s ‘This Week’ program Sunday morning.  During the interview, Geithner talked about the economy, health care, the TARP, and the overall health of the financial system.  The full interview can be seen here.  This video is just a portion of the entire interview:   First, I’d like to note …

  • Peter Schiff is STILL right

    Thank God for Peter Schiff.  Here, Schiff attempts to explain to a disrespectful host on CNBC that the stock boom of late is not an indicator of real recovery. Rather, it is a bear market rally. (Thanks to LRC for the link)

  • Homeless students numbers rise but Congress gets Raise

    The Associated press reports that the number of homeless students have risen dramatically due to the current economic crisis. The crisis they say, is forcing many families out of their homes. With the record number of foreclosures and damaging layoffs, school districts across the nation are being overwhelmed with homeless children and unfortunately, some school …