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Tag: Egalitarianism
  • Egalitarianism: Ruining College for Everyone

    American universities are typically criticized for their absurdly high tuition rates.  With the cost of higher education rapidly appreciating, we tend to overlook the less salient depreciation of its quality. Over the past few decades, academia has fully embraced egalitarianism. That egalitarianism pressures students into college courses they have no interest or aptitude in, while …

  • Re: Hey An-Caps

    As relayed by Bonnie in her compelling “debate” post, Dan McCarthy has offered some tough criticisms of anarcho-capitalism. Anarcho-capitalists typically oppose the state because they believe it is an unjustified monopoly of aggressive violence and an illegitimate concentration of power. However, Dan asks: [W]hat good will it do to abolish the state if one proceeds to …