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  • Entangling Alliances, Part 1

    This is the first of a four-part essay series hosted here on the YAL blog which will address the alliances between the US government and sponsors of international terrorism. Stay tuned for the next three parts, which will publish daily this week. Recent events in Iraq have created a furor in the media and have …

  • The Egyptian Revolution Explained

      I am fairly confident that I am not the only one who has been embroiled over the past week in fierce Facebook debates regarding the most recent Egyptian uprising. That being said, I have noticed that there is a lot of confusion about what the revolution actually means, how politics in Egypt actually work, …

  • New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

    Cross posted at Interest of the State. The Obama Administration has already caved in on its earlier calls for immediate reform from the Mubarak Regime. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, said of the appointment of Omar Suleiman as vice president and other political developments that “We have to send a consistent message supporting the orderly transition …

  • Made in America

    So I wrote and recorded a rap song about the unrest in Egypt. It’s no Hayek-Keynes rap, but somebody needed to say this:

  • Benjamin Netanyahu: Democracy’s Biggest Fan?

    Cross posted at Interest of the State. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once gave a speech entitled “Fighting Terrorism” at Ashland University. Little did “Bibi” know how relevant his words would be today. His speech was based off of Immanuel Kant‘s essay Perpetual Peace. Right off the bat, Netanyahu said: He [Kant] said peace with …

  • Declaration by 5th Dimension

    In the spirit of the revolutions underway in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt and Tunisia, I offer some guidance:  The Declaration of Independence sung and harmonized by 5th Dimension.

  • The Rippling Effects of Egyptian Revolt

    Cross-posted @ Interestofthestate.com The political crisis  in Egypt is effecting politics in the Middle East in profound ways, all thanks to Tunisians, course. Today, Jordan’s King Abdullah II dismissed his cabinet and even appointed a new prime minister. Protesters are testing Abdullah’s authority in the streets of Jordan, many of them supporters of various opposition …

  • US Gov’t Flip-Flops on Egyptian Gov’t

    …while the Egyptian government uses American-made and supplied weapons against its people.

  • Dollar Inflation May Be the #1 Catalyst of the Egyptian Revolt

    Yes, disenfranchised youths in Egypt are dealing with high unemployment rates, rampant government corruption, and few civil liberties.  These are certainly catalysts to the country’s unrest, but I suspect that the number one catalyst here is likely the number one catalyst behind any revolution throughout history:  hunger. Food prices in Egypt are at record highs …

  • Spoof on State Department’s Position on Egypt

    If any of you are really interested in Middle Eastern politics (or most notably the current crisis in Egypt), you will find this video to be a masterpeice: