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  • ‘American Empire: Before the Fall’ — Out July 7

    On Wednesday, July 7, the Campaign for Liberty will release its first book, American Empire: Before the Fall written by Bruce Fein. In the video below, Fein briefly discusses his intentions in authoring this book and his hopes for restoring the principles of the American republic.

  • Self-Interest and the Economics of Empire

    The US empire, like all those before it, can only continue its reign with, at the very least, the implicit consent of its subjects. Serious challenges to US foreign policy would thus cease to be “off-limits” in mainstream political discourse if more Americans explicitly rejected the war machine. The problem is that most Americans aren’t …

  • Tensions between US and UK Increase

    While the reckless actions of the United States government in recent years have certainly stirred up resentment at home against American policies, it would seem that the traditional “best friend” of the US may now begin to publicly display a similar level of resentment.  A British House of Commons committee stated Sunday that the special …

  • YAL Moneybomb!

    Many years ago, Julius Caesar, emperor of Rome, was told to, “beware the Ides of March.” Help Young Americans for Liberty send the same message to Washington. No more spending.  No more printing. No more taxes. No more wars. Help us reign in the American Empire on March 16th. Donate to the YAL Moneybomb!

  • Empire much?

    It seems that the United States, not happy with the “progress” being made in Afghanistan, will now be calling upon its economic dependents to send their troops in to help in the war effort. The US Military is now training commandos in both Georgia (the country) and Colombia in preparation for these troops’ entrance into …