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Tag: End the War
  • Will Obama Actually End Combat Missions in Iraq?

    Recently the Obama Administration has stated that it plans to effectively end combat missions by the end of August.  This would end Operation Iraqi Freedom, though if I remember correctly, we already declared “mission accomplished” there and began Operation New Dawn. As American military history has shown, we will most likely never leave Iraq completely …

  • Petition to End the Wars Month: Wichita State

    Wichita State held a Petition to End the Wars event this past Wednesday and Thursday.  They were able to interact with a number of students; Wichita State YAL’s president, Andrew Cranmer, wrote an account of the event here. Here are some highlights:  

  • Flags for the Fallen on the 7th Anniversary

    What did your chapter do? Make sure to send YAL National an email with pictures, videos, stories etc., to keep us up to date on your chapter’s progress to End the War!