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  • Muse: Anti-Establishment Libertarians

    My favorite band ever, Muse, released their newest album, “The Resistance” last year. In this interview, Matt Bellamy, the lead singer and guitarist talks about why he released the album:  For liberty.

  • Tensions between US and UK Increase

    While the reckless actions of the United States government in recent years have certainly stirred up resentment at home against American policies, it would seem that the traditional “best friend” of the US may now begin to publicly display a similar level of resentment.  A British House of Commons committee stated Sunday that the special …

  • Gordon Brown Calls for World Constitution

    Clips like these really illustrate either the massive ignorance of “world leaders” or flat out lying. Gordon Brown, who in the past has been quite zealous to move us towards global governance, proposes a world constitution for the global financial system. He uses the worldwide global economic recession, and climate change, as pretexts for such …