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Tag: Federal Funding
  • Planned Parenthood: Plan without my money

    There has been quite a lot of controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood (PP) lately.  The debate has been whether or not taxpayer dollars should be given to PP in light of the truly abhorrent amount of abortions they perform.  Americans are starting to ask, “Is it right to ask individuals to give their own hard earned …

  • I’m betting federalism has correspondingly decreased.

    This is all adjusted for inflation, of course.  Click on the image for details of what spending has increased and what has decreased.  How much you want to bet that this increase in federal funding of state and local governments has also increased federal control of those levels of government?

  • Obama Lifts Stem Cell Research Ban

    Yesterday, President Barack Obama lifted the federal ban on stem cell research and it’s federal funding. Obama vowed to “restore scientific integrity to government decision making.” And also to ensure that “scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda.” Obama later said that it is Presidential purpose to ensure that “scientific …