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Tag: Federal Reserve Audit
  • Don’t look behind the curtain!


  • The Federal Reserve and Junk-Bonds

    Ludwig von Mises once wrote: “Economics, as a branch of the more general theory of human action, deals with all human action, i.e., with man’s purposive aiming at the attainment of ends chosen, whatever these ends may be.” Essentially, market participants act in their self-interest. For this reason, I find it hard to believe that …

  • Ron Paul: What Happened to the Fed Audit

    Hat tip to LewRockwell.com.

  • Yes please!

    Seconds on a failed fiscal policy? Who can say no to that? Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is up for renomination, so we’re headed for another wonderful term of fiscal recklessness, bailouts, and denials. Time and time again we’re told that nothing is wrong. That the recession is over and the dollar is sound. Yet …

  • HR 1207 Hearings Tomorrow

    I’m sure you’ve heard but in case you’re new to the liberty movement, tomorrow is the first round of hearings for HR1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009. Not all of us can show up tomorrow in Washington DC to show our support for this bill, but luckily you can still see the action …

  • Why we need a real audit of the Fed

    To avoid more of the sort of nonsense above this, find a way to actively support H.R. 1207, Ron Paul’s new bill, called the “Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009.”  As Paul explained in his weekly column, If this audit reveals what I suspect, and Congress has finally had enough, they can also pass my …