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Tag: Film Review
  • White House Down Movie Review: Left-Right Paradigm Propaganda

    As the liberty movement and alternative media make more progress by the day, the pro-establishment message in many of our news and entertainment outlets only becomes more obvious. Mainstream news too often enforces the false left vs. right dichotomy, and many big-name Hollywood stars have abandoned their past protests of misuse of government power and …

  • The Libertarian Allegory of TRON Legacy

    I recently viewed Tron Legacy and was enamored with the message of freedom, individualism, and anti-statism. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch  it now. !POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT! We can see this clearly through character analysis: C.L.U.: the Statist and molder of systems and individuals FLYNN SR.: the libertarian individualist (and Taoist) Let’s expound …